Lisa travels to schools, universities and community organizations, presenting 

 'A Write to Heal'. Lisa's highly publicized assault and personal story offer communities a way to address a sensitive issue. Audiences, especially, high school teens find Lisa very relatable and they open up to her.

The healing process for survivors of domestic violence is a difficult and painful one. It’s often hard to articulate the mixed feelings that remain as a result of the traumatic experience of domestic abuse.  

Our emotions are often bottled up inside us and become part of a heavy, unhappiness within us. Sometimes it is too painful or embarrassing to speak about the abuse. This troubled silence often leads to feelings of depression and alienation.  

A Write to Heal, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501C3 program for anyone dealing with issues of domestic violence. Lisa created a writing program after her assault and survival, April 2, 2005. Lisa developed the writing workshops and used it as a way to offer alternative paths for healing to others. 

Contact Lisa now to offer your community members a chance to heal and invite Lisa to present 'a write to heal'  in your organization or school.

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