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A 501(C)3 Organization created to raise awareness and educate to end the cycle of abuse.
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Lisa’s Presentations


Lisa has now taken A Write to Heal, and her message across the country and around the world. She has been a featured speaker at dozens of organizations, events, universities and high school’s around the country, including the Victims Assist Services of Westchester County , “An Empty Place at the Table” with the YWCA, A Child’s View of Union County, NJ Coalition for Battered Women and the Hope’s Door annual Teen Symposium at PACE University.
Most recently, she was chosen as a keynote speaker for both the YWCA’s 2011 National Conference in Washington D.C., as well as the organizations 2011 International Women’s Summit in Zurich, Switzerland. As the Founder and Director of A Write to Heal, Lisa continues to educate others through writing, performance and film making.

She is currently traveling performing and presenting at YWCA’s across the country.

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